Overland Children

& Family Services


AT OCFS, we have several options to be better equipped to serve our population: OCFS specializes in children ages 3-13 yo.

Mobile Therapy

Therapy is done in the home and/or in the school setting (including daycare). This affords our families the flexibility to receive help in a time-frame that is more conductive to their schedules. This is also an golden opportunity for the clinician to get a "real life feel" of the dynamics in the home/school that could also be contributing to any issues between the parent/child. Please review service areas listed on the contact page.

Office Therapy

 Want to meet in my office? No worries!  OCFS has office hours on Mondays only.  My office is located at 7701 N. Lamar Suite 328, Austin Texas.


With the advent of the internet and technological advances--its entirely possible to conduct online based counseling sessions now. This tool can be very useful in the event a traditional face to face session cannot be conducted for any reason [for ages 12 and up only]. OCFS uses a secure and HIPPA compliant service [ZOOM]. The client can download the platform at www.zoom.com. This will enable face to face online sessions.‚Äč